Allison Gershin

"I have been on 3 international workshops and one domestic lighting workshop with PQA and each time was better than the last. With their smaller group sizes than most of the other companies I've travelled with, I have never felt lost in the crowd. Whether it be Mirjam and Najat or the photographer mentor, I always feel like they take the time to talk to me, make sure everything is ok, see if I have any questions and answer them to the best of their ability. The local guides they hire on the international trips and the professional photographer mentors that come along are always professional, easy to talk to and are very knowledgable.

With each trip I join, I always see familiar faces which really makes me feel like part of a family. On my first trip with PQA, there were a lot of repeat Questers but instead of feeling left out, I felt welcomed with open arms; like I had known them for years. Each new workshop is like a family reunion and I can never wait to plan my next PQA trip!"



Dave Weathers

"What is there to say about Mirjam, Najat, and Photo Quest Adventures ® that has not already been said? I have been traveling with them for close to 15 years and they are simply amazing. They enable the photographer to focus on one thing, getting the shot. The people that book their adventures are all types and levels of expertise, but all share a common thread of loving photography. What other tours do you get up before sunrise to capture the light and people are excited?

Mirjam and Najat make the trip educational, easy, and most of all fun. I have done trips with other organizers, whom I have loved as photographers, but they do not always focus on the logistics like PQA does, and this is very important in the jungles of Africa or the outer reaches of Mongolia. Guides and accommodations are first rate all the way and trips are always filled with great photo and stories to take back home. Can't wait until my next trip."


Langdon Cooper & Karen Kelley

"We have traveled with PQA since the inception of the company and we have always found the trips to be fantastic. The trips are planned meticulously and the photo opportunities are really special. Whether you like to photograph people, animals, landscapes or urban settings, you will be pleased with the locations and first rate guides on the trip. Mirjam and Najat also make the trips enjoyable because of their winning personalities. You will enjoy the camaraderie and laughter nearly as much as the photography. Mirjam and Najat have many repeat customers and you will enjoy the intimate groups and you will meet many new friends from all over the world.

There are also unusual and often moving cultural interactions on the photo adventures and PQA is dedicated to helping the less fortunate in different areas of the world. In short, there is no group with whom we would rather ride camels to view and photograph a beautiful red Sahara sunset. Truly an adventure that we will never forget!"


The Netherlands 2014

Annie Van Tilburg

"The trip far exceeded my high expectations. I had always dreamed of riding a bicycle in The Netherlands while exploring the majesty and vastness of the tulip fields.  In addition to tulips, I wanted to float the canals and see the harbors.  Mirjam Evers and her staff provided everything we needed from “Total Access” of great photo opportunities to great food, fun, lodging and transportation.  You will meet the nicest people who enriched my experience and made each day new and exciting.  So look no further; book your next photo workshop with PQA. Join Mirjam Evers and I because we have more digital photos to capture and more great locations to explore….like…Scotland/Ireland, Florence, Italy, China, more of The Netherlands…and we need to go to Bruges!  My favorite part of the trip was “EVERYTHING!”  How do you say “AWESOME” in multiple languages?"


CUBA 2013

Allison Gershin

"Cuba was never on my list of places to visit so when my friend asked me to join her on the PQA Cuba for New Year's, I was reluctant at first. However, I’m always up for traveling to new places especially with my camera so I figured 'why not?' It was one of the best choices I have ever made; I can’t stop thinking about my experience and only want to plan another trip back! Cuba was a magical place filled with old cars, beautiful colors and friendly people. Our very knowledgeable guides gave us background and history of the places we visited and took us to some spectacular sites. The art, music and culture of the country really stood out and were very special to experience.

I’ve been on photography workshops before with different companies but this was my first trip with PQA and it was one of my favorites! With the small group size it was easy to travel and I never found myself fighting for a spot to shoot. There were multiple repeat Questers that knew each other but I was welcomed right into the fold and felt like I had been traveling with them for years. The founders were wonderful to travel with, they were very kind and easy to get along with and everything was very well organized. I can’t wait to travel with PQA again and hope to plan many quests in the future!"


Turkey 2013

Loretta Behrens

"Turkey is a photographer's dream and PQA showed us the best opportunities. Cappadocia was way beyond my expectations. Loved the cave hotel. PQA gave us interaction with the local culture and made us feel special!"


Iceland and Greenland 2013

Robert Herrick

"Photo Quest Adventures provides the unique opportunity to visit in a small group with a focus on photography locations that would be extremely difficult to manage independently. Papua New Guinea is a quintessential example. I had long wanted to visit the country. With PQA I was in a small group of six photographers and Mirjam Evers as our guide and instructor. We had hours of opportunity every day to photograph scenes of breathtaking beauty, shoppers in the marketplace, passersby and most especially tribal villagers in their traditional dress and spectacular facial and hair decoration. Papua New Guinea with PQA was one of the exceptional trips of my life, and over the years I have visited every continent and numerous far-off locations."


Mexico 2013

Leslie Evans, Washington

"My husband, the photographer, has traveled with PQA many times over the years. It was only this fall that we were finally in a position where I could accompany him on one of these trips. "I'm not a photographer," I told everyone at the start of the trip. "I'm just here to see Cuba."

I've had the good fortune to travel to many spots around the world, and I must say the PQA trip to Cuba was one of the most memorable of my life. Some of the credit has to go to the country itself, but I don't know if I would have been fully able to appreciate the wonder of Cuba without the expert guidance of the PQA staff and guides. We were introduced to the real Cuba, we got to meet and chat with many of the local residents, and, of course, we were taken to some of the most colorful, rich, and beautiful spots on the island at the perfect time of day to take pictures.

We've been back six days now and even though I only brought a camera phone on the trip and swore I wasn't a photographer, already I'm starting to discern whether or not the light is "right" for me or whether I've got the right shot. I've been bitten by the photo bug! Thank you PQA for your loving and expert guidance. It was a trip I'll never forget."



Richard Westin

"I have been in some of the oddest places on the planet with some of the nicest people imaginable and have enjoyed every moment. PhotoQuest Adventures is a photo adventure company like no other - they believe to their core in personalized service, intimate groups of photographers, and creative itineraries. They provide us access to places and events that you truly have to be an "insider" to experience.

Every one of the trips that I have been on, be it Papua New Guinea or Easter Island, Namibia or Greenland (or numerous others) has been memorable because of the incredible access to people, place and events that only PQA can provide. The accommodations, tour guides, thoughtful itineraries, small group size and friendly company owners (who come on all trips) are what make this company so special. You can be a beginner or professional photographer (we have one of each in my family) and come away from a week long trip feeling great about life. Thanks Mirjam and Najat - the sweet, kind and fun-loving owners of PQA. Am I looking forward to me next trip with PQA? You bet."


Easter Island 2012

Katherine Toler, North Carolina

"My recent travels to the most remote island in the world (Easter Island) and the driest desert in the world (Atacama Desert) with Photo Quest Adventures ® has been another lifetime experience to be imprinted in my brain forever. Once again the PQA founders, along with photography leader, have proven to my sheer delight that this company knows what they are doing; and they keep doing it right. This being a first time trip of its kind was showcased with an exquisite level of detailed planning for our accommodations, local guides, photography venues, instruction in skill development and the overall easy-going style and execution in logistics. Each management leader was able to effectively deliver and satisfy my personal needs to ensure that the trip was pleasurable and meaningful for me. I was able to gain additional knowledge in geography, culture and photography techniques based on the thoughtful intent and awareness for each Quester that was offered in a most satisfying delivery method. The leaders impressed me with their flexibility in directions and their ability to achieve a rewarding experience for the group and the individual as well. Job well done!! I look forward to traveling again with PQA to another destination - for those that relish the 'left side of the world'."


Prague 2011

Fred Kurtz, Indiana

"Prague is a city I have wanted to go to for years. When PQA announced the trip for June 2011, my wife and I signed up immediately. Prague exceeded my expectations and is the most amazing city I have visited. The history and architecture is something to behold. The photographic opportunities are endless with magnificent cathedrals, castles, bridges, gardens, people and narrow cobblestone streets. My images from the trip are among the best I have taken.

PQA and Mirjam did an outstanding job organizing the trip. Since we had a small group, the itinerary was flexible. One day, we decided as a group to chuck the entire day and do something totally different and it turned out really good. That is a great advantage of small groups. Another advantage is that I received one on one training from Mirjam on how to use off camera flash. While I had heard of it, I did not understand it until I actually got to try it. The results were amazing and I will use that technique a lot from now on.

My wife is not a photographer but she was made very welcome with her point and shoot and had a great time. I would not hesitate to go on another trip with PQA and in fact I have already booked the Moab Portrait Lighting Specialty Quest for my next adventure. The memories and friendships from this trip will last a lifetime."


HDSLR Video Workshop, New York 2011

Rana Faure, Florida

"In May I was fortunate to attend a two day HDSLR Video workshop in NYC organized by Photo Quest Adventures ® in association with the amazing PDN team at the well appointed Bathhouse Studios. Eduardo Angel and David McLain inspired me to embrace the transition from shooting stills to shooting footage on my own. They kept my attention as they disseminated vast amounts of information and managed to keep me interested AND even entertain. Eduardo's workshop was incredibly informative, organized and easily understood. He covered everything in a nutshell. I was introduced to everything from basic film school analysis of Citizen Kane to detailed camera ISO setting, frame rate and shutter speed combination formulas to achieve the highest quality. David's workshop portion greatly expanded on production value, emerging technologies and freedom in creativity. An added bonus was an in-depth and revealing discussion of how to leverage that creativity to find and create real, viable and successful client relationships in this transitional time in the industry and the global economy. All during the workshop Mirjam and the rest of the Photo Quest Adventures ®  team were truly present in the perfect way - right there when needed and everything ran so smoothly from my perspective. They made me feel like a welcome guest in their home. Right from the start, all was well organized, the schedule presented and adhered to without pressure. I hope I can join them on one of the travel seminars. They are true professionals and seem amazingly fun to travel with...I'd follow their lead!!! Again, thanks for the workshop and it really was a pleasure to meet you and your team! Love to work with you in some way one of these days."


HDSLR Video Workshop, Chicago 2011

Vicki Smith, Kansas

"Before coming to the HDSLR workshop in Chicago, I did not understand the difference between a frame rate and a picture frame. Eduardo Angel was so knowledgeable and willing to share his secrets. David McLain brings a different perspective and demonstrated how a still photographer transitions to multimedia. This workshop takes you from the basics to advanced level by giving you the tools you need to use the video capabilities of your DSLR. This workshop is great inspiration! I can't wait and go out and shoot video!"


Dominican Republic 2010

Richard Westin, New York

"In a word PQA is simply "wonderful." The people running PQA are kind, caring, and thoughtful. They create interesting trips that make us all want to "capture the moment" with our DSLR's. The small size of the groups of photographers makes for a camaraderie that can't be found with the larger providers. When you go with PQA you can be certain that you will go to fascinating locations with kind, caring, friendly and knowledgeable staff and fellow travelers...what more could you ask."


New Zealand 2010

Mike and Lisa Broome, California

"New Zealand is a beautiful destination for any traveler and South Island is a must visit destination for anyone that enjoys landscape photography. It is truly one of the most beautiful and pristine environments in the world. Like every trip we have taken with PQA our trip to South Island, New Zealand was amazing! The selfless dedication to sharing his knowledge of photography that our quest leader provided is only one of the many reasons to take a PQA trip. Their commitment to ensuring an optimal experience by recruiting the best local guides has also ensured that every PQA trip we have taken has been a true treasure. We will definitely be back in the future for more PQA adventures."



Michael Zbiegien

"I have taken many trips with Photo Quest Adventures ® and plan on taking many more. The locations are excellent, the accommodations and transportation are second to none and the itineraries have something for everyone. The instructors are there to answer your questions without being overbearing. I have been on other companies treks and the instructors seem to be there only to get a free trip to expand their own portfolios - that's why I am a Photo Quest Adventures ®  regular."


Mongolia 2009

Roger Spaulding, Colorado

"In the summer of 2009 I traveled to Outer Mongolia on a PQA trip. It was great! The group was diverse and lots of fun, and the photographic tutoring was top-notch. I heartily recommend PQA for anyone who wishes to travel with a great group of people and get some great images along the way."


Galapagos 2009

Glory Moore, Florida

"I have traveled with many tour operators over the years and I must say my first trip with Photo Quest Adventures ® was one of the most pleasant experiences I have had (did the Galapagos tour). The guides were extremely knowledgeable and friendly, even let us try out some of their equipment, and the itinerary was well thought out yet flexible. Always a bonus when the weather doesn't cooperate with the planned photo subject. I arrived with a group of people but left with a group of friends! Because of this experience I will be traveling with them again."

Vicki Smith, Kansas

"I cannot express in words my delight in the photographic opportunities provided by the Photo Quest Adventures ®  trip to the Galapagos. Their attention to detail, planning, and focus on a small-group hands-on workshop made this trip as unique as the enchanted isles themselves. The quality of instruction is unsurpassed and the enthusiasm of the group is contagious. I cannot believe the quality of the images I was able to capture. I look forward to future trips with PQA."


Vietnam 2009

Michael Greisman

"Having been on many UK based workshops both in the UK and overseas my trip with PQA to Vietnam turned out to be exceptional in many ways. In terms of organisation each day was well planned and very well organised. The locations, especially in remote locations, was visually and culturally stimulating. However what put this trip way above all others was the level of "real on-site" tuition that was way beyond what I had experienced before. Not only did I pick up many functional technical pointers but I was shown unique approaches to shooting both people and landscape. Evening sessions were often taken up with very worthwhile constructive critiques that were way beyond the superficial critiques I had experienced before.

As an American organisation, PQA approaches its workshops in a highly efficient and well thought-out manner that leaves you feeling that you have experienced the very best of travel, tuition and camaraderie."

Rosanne Bruegmann, Salt Lake City, UT

"I was a recent participant in a PQA trip to North Vietnam and had a great time. I have taken a number of photo trips the past few years, and this trip ranks high in my experience. From the character of the participants to the care and expertise of the leaders, every aspect of the trip was handled with professionalism and a sense of fun. The itinerary took us to a number of areas not typically visited by western tourists providing us an opportunity to see the real Vietnam; the small village life, the colorful and lively markets and the genuine warmth of the native Vietnamese people. The images I brought home were wonderful, great reminders of what a unique and rewarding adventure I had experienced. I would recommend PQA trips to anyone interested in experiencing a truly remarkable photographic and interactive adventure."


Flash Clinics

John Yung

"I am a Project Manager for Hewlett-Packard but I have been interested in photography since 1976 when I got my first camera. I have been slowly going nuts ever since. I dabbled in wedding photography in the late 80's and early 90's, but mostly I would arrange my vacations and free time to shoot wherever and whenever possible. I consider myself an amateur with compulsive tendencies.

I knew I was in trouble when digital cameras came out since it involves photography and computers. I tried to avoid digital photography for as long as possible. But after I bought my first digital camera I knew there would be no going back. I do not know if I would use the word addicted, it might be the right word, but I do not know if I would use it.

As part of my re-emersion into Photography I have done a several photography workshops over the last few years. I think I have attended at least four on flash and creative lighting alone. The Flash Clinic I took with Photo Quest Adventures ® was the best I have taken. I not only increased my knowledge using the flash I also find myself looking for reasons to use it more and more. Before the class I always used the flash on the camera and only rarely. Now I am using all the time, the changes in my photography are very noticeable.

One of my classmates was taking the clinic for the second time, and I thought she was nuts. By the end of the first day I knew I wanted to take the clinic again. Not because I was overwhelmed, but because the clinic changed the way I think not only within the confines of flash photography, but my whole approach to photography.

I hope you continue this clinic. I will take it again and have already recommended it to everyone I know. This clinic alone has done more for my photography than I thought was possible."

Lang Cooper

"We have known the Photo Quest Adventures ® team for so long I can hardly remember -- perhaps 15 years. We have traveled with PQA all over the world: Japan, Patagonia, Chile (Easter Island and Atacama Desert), Kenya, The Netherlands, India, Cuba, Czech Republic, Hungary, New Zealand, and a ton of places in the US, including Hawaii and Alaska.

In every case, on every trip, everything was perfect -- they have all the details taken care of -- all we have to do is show up and take our photographs. PQA is so organized. We are in the right place at the right time of day -- weather is pretty much the only risk.

The people on PQA trips are frequently repeat travelers, and over the years we have met folks with whom we have become the best of friends. The evenings (and the days for that matter) are social and friendly if you want, or you can go to bed or explore on your own, there is never any pressure. Taking a non-photographer on the trip is an option as well -- there is so much to see and do -- and that person might even learn a little about photography along the way!"

Chris Timmes, Littleton, CO

"I am a part-time pro photographer who shoots primarily landscapes and events. I'm expanding the services I offer to get back into weddings, as well as offering location portraits, senior photos, etc. In other words, more people photography.

I had an interest in learning more about flash to control and improve my lighting for quite some time, but couldn't find any good workshops for years. As soon as I saw the Flash Clinics PQA offered, I knew I had to attend. Research into what would be taught only strengthened my resolve.

The workshop was all I wanted it to be and more! Our leader not only teaches technique, he teaches the theory behind the technique so that you can then develop your own style and can be successful on your own shoots. I not only learned hot shoe flash and QFlash techniques, both of which I use, but our leader also taught us how to use big studio lighting systems on location, and perhaps most importantly from my perspective, how to control the light to paint the image the way you want it to appear via light modifiers. PQA arranged with various sponsors to have a plethora of lighting equipment available for us to use throughout the workshop, and even arranged some unique and exciting shoots for us, including lining up the models. We had sessions with extreme mountain bikers (shooting them doing extreme jumps, etc.), ranch hands on a dude ranch (the only workshop to get such access), and portait sessions in the Jackson town square with cowboys, both in costume and normal dress. People in the square thought we were doing magazine shoots! We students rapidly progressed in knowledge and skill to the point where we were able to visualize and execute session shoots on our own. The amount of knowledge and experience we gained in a short period of time was immense!

I learned so many new techniques and how to use equipment I had never seen before that I ended up placing a rather large order for new lighting equipment through B&H - and may still make another major purchase! This new equipment and the knowledge I gained have allowed me to offer more dramatic lighting to my clients, and acts as a solid differentiator between myself and other photographers offering similar services.

I recently received an email from a well-known photographic school for their upcoming classes and workshops. I had to laugh - suddenly there were numerous offerings of workshops very similar to the PQA Flash Clinics! This proves that there is a strong demand for these kind of workshops, but PQA beat them all to the punch - they were first, and I know they are the best! I'm hoping to attend another Flash Clinic in the future and learn even more."

Beth Lay, Manager, Risk Management and Loss Control, Siemens Energy, Inc

"I attended a flash clinic in Santa Barbara last year with PQA. I learned creative flash techniques that I'm still experimenting with, including using gels on the flash and changing camera settings to achieve almost any effect regardless of natural light situation. For example, during the clinic I took a sports portrait of a boy with his volleyball in a dark alley. Very poor natural light and not the most attractive setting; it turned out to be a great shot. I've played with this technique since then to achieve some quirky, kind of surreal photos of my nieces with a nice warm glow against a dark blue background, "thought" bubbles floating over their heads with just a hand held flash. The clinic was taught at a level that worked from beginner to professional with personal instruction and help in areas where I needed it. It was an opportunity to learn new techniques and get creative with photographs of people while shooting the models."

Chris Evans, Microsoft

"I attended the Photo Quest Adventures ® Flash Clinic in New York City in October and it was a fantastic experience. Working with our leader was wonderful. He was great at providing useful feedback and is probably the most effective teacher that I have worked with. The brief lecture part of the clinic was very informative but it was the hands on parts that really made the difference. I particularly appreciated the opportunity to work with a wide variety of flash and strobe equipment and to try out a number of tools to learn how to get the best shots in a variety of environments. I left the clinic with a long shopping list! The shooting locations and models were also wonderful and I am thrilled with the shots that I took during the clinic. Thanks to the whole PQA crew for putting on a great event, I have already recommended upcoming clinics to friends and I will definitely join them in the future for more quests."

David Reid, HVAC consultant

"I attended the Flash Clinic in Jackson, WY and came away with a complete understanding of how to enhance my photographs through the use of off camera flash technics. We had several excellent photo shoots with professional models and fantatic backgrounds. I also met many other photographers, which provided an opportunity to learn from their experiences.

The PQA executive staff scheduled all events to make the maximum use of our time and were there to make sure that everyone gained a valuable photographic experience.

Our leader could not have been a better teacher and insured that each of us came away with a firm understanding of the technics involved. His enthusiasim and his considerable knowedge made this an effective learning experience and a lot of fun."

Carin Smolinski

"Photo Quest Adventures ® ROCKS! I have been photographing for over 10 years, going on destination workshops for 5, and the flash workshop I attended with PQA in New Orleans was absolutely amazing. As a travel and on location family portrait photographer, my lighting needs change from shoot to shoot, and even from hour to hour. While in the past I relied on natural light and reflectors, this workshop gave me the confidence to shoot consistently with off camera flash. This has made an enormous difference in my photography as it means that I can shoot for more hours in the day, and in all different weather conditions. 

We were also introduced to ranger packs and on location strobe lighting during super cool model shoots... seriously, what other workshop would have us setup on a tram track with a beautiful model posing while we all kept our eyes peeled for the oncoming trolley! That's PQA in a nutshell... exciting, challenging, awesome up to date equipment to try, world class instructors, and an awesome staff which we all know equals FUN!!!"

Langdon Cooper & Karen Kelley

"We have traveled with Photo Quest Adventures ® on numerous occasions to many places in the world, and will do so again in the future. The trips are always well planned and professionally conducted. A real extra benefit is the great people we have met. The recent flash clinic in Jackson Hole was another example of an excellent idea and excellent trip, and in a stunning location. Our leader was a knowledgeable, energetic and exciting teacher. Photo Quest Adventures ® supplied the models and equipment. We learned many, many tips on lighting, including how we will use these techniques to improve our work. Thank you PQA!"

Tyler Vance Photography

"I have a wedding photography business in Central Louisiana, and recently attended the PQA Flash Clinic held in New Orleans. Our leader was great to work with, had endless energy--and worked with each student individually.

I have attended many workshops over the past few years and can honestly say the PQA Flash Clinic was by far the most informative and helpful for my wedding photography.

The leader tailored his presentations based on the type and experience level of each participant, and was always available to answer questions. (Not sure how he got any sleep!)

My main interest was using small on-camera flash units to light the bride and groom WITHOUT it looking like flash. Our leader's extensive background with on-location assignments was invaluable, and I came away with several new techniques.

As an extra, our leader introduced us to larger flash units, powerpacks, and softbox equipment. After the Clinic I ordered the "EasyLite" softbox that he demonstrated, and now use it for every wedding. I hope PQA continues to produce the Flash Clinic, and look forward to attending another one to see what tricks I can learn to tuck up my sleeve."


The Netherlands 2008

Dan Bigos, National Sales Manager, Lowepro

“The PQA photo workshop in The Netherlands in 2008 was a trip of a lifetime. Not only did I have a complete blast learning from Mirjam Evers, as well as, so much from all the other folks. There was a lot of thought and planning put into every detail. What really made the difference was all of the ‘behind the scenes’ or ‘VIP’ access we enjoyed. Every day there was something that the average tourist, or for that matter, even an average citizen of the Netherlands would not have been able to do. From two mornings of private early access to the Keukenhof Gardens, small airplane flights with pilots not overly concerned about minimum height requirements, to being inside the ropes at the Alkmaar cheese auction, we had close up action like a Pro photographer would have. All things you can’t buy... and can only do if you have the relationships and reputation that PQA has out there in the world. The PQA staff was highly organized, diligent in getting as many shoots in as possible, super enthusiastic while also adaptable making the trip highly memorable. Based on this experience alone, I recommend PQA to anyone and everyone.”

Kristine Bosworth, NYC

“The Netherlands photography workshop with PQA was extraordinary because the guides were locals—so they knew the ins and outs of all the places we were taken. They were wonderful, fun and exciting. The photo ops they led us to included: most beautiful of gardens — The Keukenhof— before it was open to the public, special access inside the cheese market and a flight over the multicolored tulip fields in full bloom. Aside from the great photos ops, our guides provided a history lesson throughout the workshop. It was a trip of a life time! I am a photographer for a major camera manufacturer and would choose to travel with this team every chance I could.”

Karen, South Carolina

“The photography workshop in the Netherlands was a very special trip and I feel honored to have been one of the Questers. I will tout the workshop to everyone I meet and tell all potential Questers that PQA is a super organization whose mission is to design a travel photography workshop experience that literally nobody is doing! NOBODY!!!”

Ruth Marlin, Miami, FLA

“I was lucky enough to join PQA on the Netherlands trip in 2008. To say this trip exceeded my wildest expectations is an understatement. I could not believe the access we were afforded for our photo shoots. Being part of the PQA group allowed us into areas not available to the public and it shows in the photos. Before leaving for the trip, I was concerned that I was not as experienced as most of their photographers and that I would be intimidated by the skill level of the group. Instead, I found that not only were the quest leaders willing to work with me, but the other participants were more than willing to share their tips and techniques. I can say without question that I took the best pictures of my life on that trip! But is was so much more than that, the camaraderie was fantastic, I made new friends and we still keep in touch. I have been bragging about that trip to all of my friends ever since. I can’t wait for my next PQA Adventure!”

Catherine Jackson, Austin, Texas

"I enjoyed the opportunity to join PQA on the Netherlands 2008 trip. This was my first photography trip and as a novice, I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive. I was concerned that the classes and conversations would be above my head and that the other travelers and the leaders would be impatient with my lack of experience. I could not have been more wrong!

Our leader's energy and enthusiasm for teaching shines brightly with all levels of study. He seems just as excited about teaching advanced skills to experienced photographers as he does introducing basic skills to those new to his world. His sincere desire to share his wealth of knowledge so very generously is readily apparent and his energy is positively infectious. I came home with some beautiful images I am truly proud of. We were fortunate to have a representative from Nikon along with us who was also eager and willing to spend time showing me the ropes. A representative from Lowepro traveled with us as well and was as quick to offer the right solutions to those with questions, as he was eager to get feedback on our experience with the Lowepro camera bags each of us was given. I felt we were truly fortunate to have these industry experts to support our group and felt it was a strong reflection on the professionalism of the PQA directors.

The schedule was jam-packed with a wide variety of adventures and opportunities that, without her connections and passion, would never have materialized. From visits to historic sites and quaint villages to riding bikes through the Tulip fields and flights over them, her itinerary was perfect. We saw the Netherlands by foot, by bus, by train, by boats, airplanes and bicycles. We had access to places not usually available to the public. We were introduced to the local culture, sights, history, food and drink. This would have been a great tour even for the non-photographer.”


Studio Lighting Class 2008

Vicki Smith, Kansas City

“I have been making images for a number of years, and through workshops I learned the beauty of adding off camera flash to really spice up an image. I had not, however, EVER used anything but a speed light. Studio lights were a complete mystery and I’d never even tried to use them. Having been on the PQA Netherlands workshop, I thought I’d try their beginning studio lighting class in NYC, just to see if it would be something I might like to learn to do. OH MY GOODNESS — I loved the class. We had superb instruction, fantastic models, and the use of a studio the likes of which few ever get to use. What an incredible opportunity. After this weekend long workshop I can actually use studio lights!!! I even bought my own set and regularly use them here at home. I can’t wait for the intermediate class! If you have any interest in really learning professional lighting...TAKE THIS CLASS. You won’t be disappointed.”

Keri Mankos, Atlanta, GA

“I took the July 2008 Studio Lighting class and I loved the skills I picked up. I learned to move my lights around, add in lights and ‘have fun’ with lights. I was grateful to try out different light types before I invested any money into lights. Not only was the class fun, I made some great friends, that I still keep in touch with. Definitely a trip/class that I would like to do again! Thanks PhotoQuest Adventures!”

Rich Gorey, NYC

“I enjoyed my weekend intensive studio lighting class with Photo Quest Adventures ® . I’d done some photography before, but was never comfortable seeking high-profile portrait clients, since my skills were limited to product photography and graphic design. The instructor was at the top of his field, but was very inclusive in his approach, guiding students from every level of expertise through a series of comprehensive lessons. The atmosphere was friendly, the facilities were professional and had all the equipment we needed. The live models, all of whom were working professionals, added the touch of immediacy and interaction missing from classes offered by other groups. Every student got the attention he or she needed. I came away from the weekend with a better understanding of technique, a more comfortable relationship with the tools of proper studio lighting, and a feeling of confidence about the equipment. Most importantly, I take better pictures, and feel great about my more recent portraits”


Patagonia 2008

Carl Volpe, Agoura Hills, CA

“I recently took a photography workshop with Photo Quest Adventures ® to Patagonia. I’ve been shooting with a digital SLR for a little over a year and I am amazed at how much more I learned about digital photography and my camera. The settings in Patagonia were breathtaking. Clearly, the PQA staff put lots of thought into planning the itinerary and shooting locations. The Quest Leader was first rate. Nothing was too basic. Each question was taken seriously and always given a thoughtful answer that I could understand. What an outstanding learning environment. As locations and lighting conditions presented themselves, we had short field classes. In several cases, filters or lenses were available for us to try. Last year I took a trip with another company. There were 36 participants, and I felt lost in the experience. The PQA group was less than 10. What a difference! Access to the pro photographer leader was unlimited, and it was a much more intimate learning opportunity.”

Rayner Marx, Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you to everyone with PhotoQuest for an enormous adventure! I appreciated everyone’s sense of humor and patience with my numerous questions. We learned how to do off-camera flash, panning, low light camera configuration, sun stars, light painting, manual aperture/shutter speed, use of filters…all new skills for me, all of which I’m sure to continue to use. It was a GREAT decision to join up with all of you in Patagonia! Hope to keep in touch with everyone, meet up again for another excursion.”