The World's First Photography Workshop Dedicated To Sustainable Travel. 

Photo Quest Adventures ® is dedicated to protecting the entire earth including the beautiful places we bring you to for photography workshops around the world. In knowing that travel is one of the key components contributing to the effects on the planet’s climate, we believe it is our responsibility to use sustainable travel to fund renewable energy and reduce our footprint to support the people and countries we visit, providing them with long range environmental, socio-cultural and economic benefits.

One of the many ways we are dedicating ourselves to sustainable travel is by sponsoring Sustainable Travel International (STI), one of the best sources for eco and sustainable tourism information.

PQA's sponsorship of STI contributes to the promotion of sustainable development and provides programs that help travelers and travel-related companies protect the places they visit. We're also devoted to reducing our footprint made by our day-to-day operations and workshop related activities in several ways including: minimizing and alleviating paper waste with downloadable iTunes itineraries and Podcast classes, using eco-friendly lodging and hiring local tour operators working with environmental groups.

Join Us By Calculating Your Own CO2 Emissions

Until carbon emissions are avoidable from air travel and other travel related activities, we encourage all of our Questers to join us in offsetting their own personal greenhouse gas emissions as well as their air travel using the link to Sustainable Travel International carbon calculator. It takes just a couple of minutes to calculate your own CO2 emissions for your flights to PQA workshops and then make a modest donation to offset those emissions. For example, a flight for 1 person to and from JFK in NYC to Lima, Peru emits 2.6401 tons of CO2. The total cost to offset this amount of CO2 for one person would be a contribution of as little as US $28.51.

How Your Contribution Offsets Your Carbon Emissions

Your contribution is a direct investment in reducing carbon in the world by funding renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in developing countries. For example, in Eritrea, in collaboration with local partners, STI is using contributions from carbon offsetting to install 200 solar collectors in schools, hospitals and private households. The result? Solar heat production replaces the need for fossil fuels.