Who are these Quests for?

Anyone with a passion for photography (regardless of skill level or equipment), a love for travel and a great sense of adventure.

Why choose Photo Quest Adventures ® ?

  • Our company is owned and run by a highly experienced group of well-traveled pro photographers, multi-lingual producers, travel experts, guides and writers with unlimited resources and access around the world.
  • Small, intimate group travel with a max of 8-12 students depending on the destination.
  • Travel to unique, off-the-beaten-path locations.
  • A Sustainable Travel Company incorporating carbon offsetting for our Questers and eco-friendly means at home and in the countries we visit.
  • Our Giving Back program donates 1% of our revenue to local schools, communities, orphanages and various charities within the countries we visit.
  • Customized Portfolio Reviews during each Quest.
  • Domestic Specialty Quests in the U.S. for all skills levels of photographers focusing on studio lighting, night photography, light painting, digital workflow, marketing and stock photography.
  • Many resources available to Questers: equipment, student discounts, etc.

How fit do I have to be?

Our adventures can be undertaken by anyone in a good state of health and fitness. Adventure is a part of our name and some of our Quests will require hiking long distances and various degrees of physical activities. We recommend that you read our itinerary thoroughly to recognize any possible challenges.

Do you have an age limit?

You must be 18 years old or over to accompany us on a Quest.

What type of photo equipment do I need to bring?

Please visit our Quest Gear page for specific equipment needs for the Quest you are interested in.

How do we dress on the Quests?

Dress comfortably, with good waterproof walking/hiking shoes. Visit our Facts page for more information about clothing for different Quest destinations.

How safe is it?

Your well-being and safety are our first priority on all Quests. Our staff constantly reviews every aspect of your adventure to ensure your safety and our expert guides are fully conversant with the demands of traveling in remote regions.

How will I know if a Quest is full or not?

When you sign up for a Quest, you will be notified via e-mail immediately with an answer. If the Quest is full, your name will be added to a waiting list. Most Quests fill up quickly due to our unique, small groups.

What is the cancellation/refund policy?

Cancellation Policy:
In the event a Quest must be cancelled due to inadequate enrollment or unforeseen circumstances all fees and deposits will be refunded in full or may be transferred to a future Quest. We reserve the right to cancel the workshop or your reservation at any time.

Global Quests Refund Policy

If you are unable or choose to no longer attend a Quest, the following refund schedule will apply less an office processing fee of $500. Note that trips scheduled during New Year's Eve are non-refundable and non-transferable.

90 or more days prior to trip: 100% refund
89-60 days prior to trip: 75% refund
59-45 days prior to trip 50% refund
44 days or fewer prior to trip: 0% refund

No partial refunds are made for any unused portions of services for any reasons.

Specialty Quests Refund Policy

If you are unable or choose to no longer attend a Quest, the following refund schedule will apply less an office processing fee of $50.

90 or more days prior to trip: 100% refund
29-15 days prior to trip: 50% refund
14 days or fewer prior to trip: 0% refund

No partial refunds are made for any unused portions of services for any reasons.

Is travel insurance available?

Yes. We understand that your trip can take a year to save for, but only a second to ruin. While you can’t do anything to prevent unforeseen inclement weather or airline delays you can do something to help cover your travel investment; you can purchase travel insurance.

How do we get around to the destinations?

We take domestic flights when necessary but generally travel by vans, coaches and trains that are air-conditioned whenever possible.

Are there weight restrictions for baggage and carry-on camera gear?

There are weight restrictions for carry-on and check-in baggage on most airlines. Please check with the airline you intend to use for their baggage allowances. There are further limitations when traveling on flights in foreign countries with stringent baggage allowance and weight restrictions; in those cases there may be charges assessed. Please note that Photo Quest Adventures ® is not be responsible for any additional charges for excess or overweight baggage being denied transportation.

Do I need any immunizations for your trips?

Many of the foreign countries we visit have specific immunization requirements for entry, such as the yellow fever immunization for Ethiopia. Please review the Facts page for complete immunization requirements and recommendations for the Quest you are interested in. Additionally, please speak to your travel doctor prior to any travel plans.

Where do we stay?

We request five and four-star hotels whenever available and eco-friendly lodges. In remote localities, you can expect simple and clean, but more basic facilities. Please review the Lodging page for more details.

What is your non-photographer spouse/companion policy?

Spouses or non-photographer companions of Questers can be offered a discount depending on the trip; full cost may be inevitable due to limited space availability.

Am I suited for group travel?

We recognize that many of our travelers have not been on a "group trip" before. You can rest assured that our Quests are flexible and allow you "to do your own thing" within the framework of the itinerary. Our maximum group size is 12 - an ideal size to ensure minimum impact travel to the areas in which we operate. See how we are trying to further minimize our footprint by clicking on our Sustainable Travel and Giving Back page.

What level of comfort can I expect?

We do our best to ensure that our adventures are a comfortable and enjoyable experience. We request five and four-star hotels in all our destinations when available and often travel in air-conditioned coach buses. Certain destinations will have a harsher terrain and long-distance drives to remote destinations. For instance, our Quest in Ethiopia may be a bit more rugged than other Quests and may not be suitable for everyone. Please review the Itinerary and Facts pages for complete information.

What about the meals?

We provide the majority of the meals on our trips - please refer to the itinerary for the meals included. We will gladly recommend places to eat when meals are not included. We often have scheduled welcome and farewell dinners on our Quests. On all our trips, your good health is our highest priority, so please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements.

What about the environmental impact?

We believe that adventure travel evolves around establishing a sound working relationship with the people and environments in which we operate. We are making every effort to leave as small of a footprint as possible in the countries we visit. By simply choosing Photo Quest Adventures ® and going on a Quest, you will make an important contribution to alternative energy sources and supporting the countries we visit through our programs Sustainable Travel and Giving Back. 

Can I organize my own group?

We would be happy to devise a program to suit your travel interests. This service is available to any individual or group; however, we need a minimum of 10 people to organize a customized Quest. Please feel free to contact us at contactus@photoquestadventures.com with details and we will be happy to advise you on your plans.

Are there any hidden extras or surcharges?

We include all transport, most meals, accommodation and workshop materials that you will need for your Quest. Tips and personal expenses such as laundry, telephone, and beverages are not included. Please review pricing details for all included/not included information for your Quest.

Do single people attend Photo Quest Adventures ® workshops?

Absolutely. There are many single people who participate in our programs. We often hear from past Questers who say that they look forward to attending because they are excited to meet friendly people who share similar interests. At PQA the atmosphere is very warm and social and singles quickly become part of a congenial group. This kinship has resulted in many long-lasting friendships. In fact, many Questers currently attend workshops with friends whom they first met on a previous Quest.

Is it possible to have a single room accommodation?

Yes. Most international trips offer a single accommodations option at an additional cost. Please review the Pricing or Lodging page for the cost and availability. We can’t guarantee a single room for all of our programs, but if you request one, the program coordinator will make every attempt to accommodate you.

If I am attending on my own, is it possible to be paired with a roommate?

Definitely. If you attend a Quest on your own and have not requested a single room, our program coordinator will do our best to assign you a roommate. In the event a roommate is not available, the single supplement fees may apply. If you know of someone who will be attending the Quest and you would prefer him or her as a roommate, please include his or her name on the registration form. 

How do you choose your photography leaders?

All the PQA leaders are established pro-photographers with a wealth of knowledge and experience. We choose specific leaders to participate in Quests that focus on their individual photographic expertise such as adventure, wildlife, landscape and environmental portrait photography. Be assured that they all have years of experience in professional photography, as well as photographic education, and each has his/her own philosophy and style for you to learn.

What type of instruction is offered?

Our Quests are adventures of discovery that take you to great photographic locations with wonderful opportunities for informal, hands-on learning. Our leaders are dedicated to helping you see the world with new eyes so that you can create images that reflect your own unique view. Learning takes place through one-on-one review sessions, discussions around the dinner table, impromptu lectures and especially on location shooting. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced photographer, you will come back with amazing images and a deeper understanding of the photographic medium, as well as the world we live in.

How do I choose the right Quest for me?

Each Photo Quest Adventure ® has a different focus and style depending on the logistics, the destination and the leader. Some have a cultural orientation, some are almost exclusively devoted to wildlife photography or landscape photography, while others have a combination of natural history and culture. A few trips focus on more intense photographic shoots, designed for ardent photographers with long days devoted almost exclusively to photographing in the field like our African safari Quests where most of our time is spent in vehicles rather than on foot.

Be sure to choose the type of Quest that suits you best. Look at the leader’s credentials and style. We provide detailed descriptions of each Quest to help you select the right adventure for you. E-mail us with any questions. Also, feel free to e-mail the leaders to ask specific questions as well. You will find links to their websites in our photography leaders page.

How do I upload images to the Photo Quest Adventures ® Galleries?

We will send you a link to Dropbox where you'll simply upload your photos from your computer. Make your images 1000 pixels (500K or less) - one of the ways you can accomplish this is when using Photoshop, save the image for web and devices as low. From there, all you have to do is email your photos and they will automatically be added to the corresponding gallery on our site. You can send up to 30 images maximum.

How can I get more information?

You can e-mail us with any inquiries. Please note what Quest you would like to participate in and we will respond as promptly as possible.


Photo Quest Adventures, Inc.
424 State Street - Hudson, NY 12534
Phone: 877-PQA-2755