Papua New Guinea
8 Days // Oct 22-29, 2016


Join us on this once-in-a-lifetime experience as we journey through “The Land of the Unexpected." Visit Papua New Guinea's unparalleled array of exotic wildlife, natural beauty and native people. A land of geological contrasts, it is marked by 4500 meter mountains, expansive rain forest terrain, vast river delta systems and pristine coral atolls. Such diversity is only rivaled by the people themselves whose traditions remain an active part of everyday life, and are as varied and breathtaking as the landscape that surrounds them.

PQA has designed an exclusive itinerary based on great photo opportunities that explore this magnificent land. We travel on private chartered flights to discover Mount Hagen, the Wahigi Valley, the Sepik region Tari, the Central Ranges, and the Highland region. We have arranged private Sing Sing ceremonies of the Melpa, Sepik and Huli clan in order to capture stunning environmental portraits. From the colorful body adornment of the highlanders to the ceremonial and decorative carvings of the Sepik Region, the people of Papua New Guinea share their customs and their heritage with a genuine openness and hospitality like no other. Come discover one of the last frontiers for adventure travel and photography with PQA!


  • Travel by private chartered flights over the Central Ranges and the Highland Regions.
  • Photograph the Sepik Region and it’s peoples’ ceremonial and decorative carvings.
  • View and photograph the Central Ranges; some of the most rugged and impressive landscapes in the world.


  • Intimate photo ops of private Sing Sing Cermonies of the Melpa, Sepik and Huli people.
  • Visit Mount Hagen for the best vantage point of the Wahgi Valley.
  • Discover the Arambak traditional villages of local pole dug-out canoes, drums throbs and wild birds calls. 
  • Photograph boatmen in standing with sculpted silhouettes of crocodile masks.


  • Learn about the unique culture and traditions of the Melpa people.
  • Travel by river boat along Karawari River to explore the jungle and river wildlife.
  • Capture the vibrant colors of the Huli clan with their human hair wigs adorned with feathers, flowers and moss.