JULY 2017


Journey deep with Mirjam Evers within Ethiopia to the four million-year-old cradle of humanity that has not yet seen modernization! Today, the Omo Valley in southern Ethiopia is undoubtedly one of the most unique places on earth because of the sheer diversity of tribal groups that live in this remote area of the Great Rift Valley. 

There are approximately forty six ethnic groups just in the Omo Valley. These include the Benna, Ari, Mursi, Bume, karo, Tsemay, Konso, Hammer, Dassecnech, and Borenna, just to mention a few. 

A trip designed for the truly adventurous photographer, PQA will take you for the rare experience to photograph the shockingly handsome remote local tribes along the Omo Rift Valley. We will fly in country to avoid very long drives. Absorb Ethiopia’s dynamic scenery while our professional photographer leads you in capturing the heart of this stunning country with breathtaking photos.


  • Photograph remote local tribes and villages along the Omo Valley including the Konze, Dorze, Karo, Mursi, Hamar and Dassanech people.
  • Photograph the Mursi people who are the most popular in Ethiopia's Omo Valley, well known for their unique lip plates. The Mursi women paint their bodies and face in white. Men and women both wear colorful jewelry and often carve intricate designs into their bodies using thorns.
  • Photograph the The Hamar people who traditionally use red ocher clay to braid the hair of their women. Neck rings can indicate if a women is a first or second wife. Hamar men often have more than one wife.


  • Photograph the Erbore women who are beautiful, wearing black veils (in line with their predominantly Islamic religion), have shaved heads and nude torsos decorated with many colorful beads.
  • Visit the children of the OMO CHILD home while in Jinka. OMO CHILD rescues and cares for Mingi children from the Omo Valley tribal region of Southwest Ethiopia. Since 2008, they have been rescuing children deemed Mingi (or “cursed”) from certain death, providing them with a safe, loving home and a quality education. OMO CHILD also works to end the devastating practice of Mingi. Please make sure to watch the documentary: http://omochildmovie.com


  • Camera settings
  • Location lighting: how to use Quadra Packs, soft boxes, reflectors, and gels
  • Portrait lighting techniques using one flash
  • How to tell a story with your images