8 DAYS // JAN 30 – FEB 6, 2016

Recommended gear

Computer / Digital Accessories

  • Laptop with charger and Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom (not mandatory)
  • Portable hard drives like Lacie hard drives
  • Card reader
  • All cables for drives, computer, card readers, storage devices, etc.
  • Power converters/adapters for all international quests


  • Cover for camera (for shooting in the rain); Fotosharp makes simple, inexpensive covers
  • Lightweight tripod (carbon fiber)
  • Cable release (for night shots)
  • Small headlamp (flashlight)
  • Your camera’s manual

Camera Gear

  • Camera and extra body SLR
  • Battery charger & extra batteries
  • Memory cards (bring plenty)
  • Sensor cleaning supplies
  • Flash with plenty of batteries


  • 24-70mm for portraits
  • 20mm prime or 14-24 zoom
  • 70-200mm lens
  • Polarizing filter(s)
  • Lint-free cloth to clean lenses and blower ball for dust
  • Lensbaby if you have one (or else you can try ours)