8 DAYS // JAN 30 – FEB 6, 2016

ABOUT venice

Venice is a city in northeastern Italy sited on a group of 118 small islands separated by canals and linked by bridges. Venice is comprised of different boroughs. The most famous are called “Sestieri” and make up 118 islands in the main district and included Cannaregio, Castello, Dorsoduro, San Polo, Santa Croce and San Marco (this is where the main monuments and sights are located).


Is this trip for you?

Our days will be filled with endless photo opportunities, starting very early, before sunrise, and ending after sunset. This workshop requires a lot of walking. While Venice is relatively flat, there are many steps and footbridges scattered throughout. The only way to get around Venice is by foot and by boat - there are no cars, and bicycles and motorcycles are not allowed.

This trip is best suited for photographers who are in good physical condition, and love to have a great time when traveling.


This itinerary was created for all levels of photographers. Carnival is a photographer's dream.


Be prepared for cold damp weather, especially early mornings, with a chance of brief periods of rain. The temperature averages 35-45 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 40 degrees Fahrenheit in the evening.


Wear comfortable shoes. Sometimes in winter there can be rain and even snow, so bring plenty of warm clothes. It can be extremely cold in the morning and warm up later in the day so bring a few layers of clothing, an umbrella, a hat and gloves. 

FOOD and drink

Italy has always been a synonym for good food! Aside from having one of the most famous cuisines, it also proposes an immense variety of different regional dishes and recipes. World renowned dishes such as Parmigiano Reggiano (Parmesan) cheese, Parma and San Daniele ham, Modena balsamic vinegar, Genoa's pesto, buffalo mozzarella from Campania, Alba truffles, and cured meats are just some of the symbols that make Italy the land of good food.

While visiting Venice, if you would like to save money at lunch, eat standing up - that's what Venetians themselves do. Every cafe, trattoria, osteria, enoteca or whatever it chooses to call itself is stocked at lunchtime with cicchetti - Venetian tapas, including tramezzini (triangular sandwiches on white bread), bite-sized rolls with various cold cuts. Bear in mind that as soon as you allow yourself to sit at the table and be waited on, instead of ordering and consuming your food at the counter, the prices for the same items go up - you can end up paying double.


U.S. citizens may enter Italy for up to 90 days for tourist or business purposes without a visa. The passport should be valid for at least three months beyond the period of stay. We recommend bringing at least one photocopy of your passport. Leave the original in the safety box at the hotel.


Venice is considered a safe city, though you should be cautious – as in any city! Keep your valuable items (like wallet and passport) close to you because there are pickpockets, especially in more crowded parts of the city. In addition, make sure you get receipts for all of your purchases (in order to fight tax evasion). Italian law requires customers to retain receipts and you could (in theory) be stopped by the Financial Police and asked to show receipts for your purchases.

Public Transportation

You will be given a week-long pass for the Venice Public Transportation, known as the Vaporetto or ACTV. This way we can conveniently hop on and off public transportation at will. This pass does not include airport transfers or allow for transportation via water taxi. All activities within the tour that are accessible by boat will take place on the Vaporetto.

Country Dialing code


Time Zone

Central European Time: UTC +1