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The Netherlands: Tulips and king’sDAY


The Netherlands: Tulips and king’sDAY

THE NETHERLANDS: Tulips and king’s day
8 DAYS // APR 25-May 3, 2020


The Netherlands is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, consisting of twelve provinces in North-West Europe and three islands in the Caribbean.

Tulips and windmills are images that have become synonymous with The Netherlands as well as the iconic Dutch wooden clogs, rambling canals and the world’s best cheese markets. Photograph all of these famous sites plus those unique, “hard to get” photos, with Mirjam Evers, a Dutch native, professional photographer and one of the PQA founders. Mirjam will lead us to those “off the beaten path” locations that only a true Dutch native can access.

Our itinerary has been designed to capture the essence of Holland at the peak time of flower season. As we wind our way through North and South Holland, we have set up an itinerary that will bring us to locations of radiant color and dramatic light including private aerial flights to capture the stunning flower fields which nobody else is able to do.

The perfect Quest to bring along your spouse as well.


  • Take an aerial flight to photograph the stunning flower fields

  • Photograph Kinderdijk, home to 18th Century Windmills and declared an UNESCO World Heritage Site

  • Private cruise on the narrow canals in Amsterdam including a night shoot of the lit bridges reflecting in the canals

  • Bike tour through stunning flower fields


  • Photograph Zaansche Schansm, the reconstructed village of quaint wooden houses and historic windmills by foot and by boat

  • Photograph the world famous Alkmaar Cheese Market with private access and press passes inside the gates

  • Photograph the Keukenhof Gardens twice including a private boat tour

  • Private access to climb up the beautiful church in the square of Haarlem to photograph city views


  • Camera settings

  • Use of filters

  • Macro photography

  • Digital Workflow

  • Portrait lighting techniques using one flash

Questimonial: The Netherlands 2014

“Very simply put, the Netherlands was the BEST TRIP EVER!! This was my first trip with Photo Quest Adventures and it definitely won't be my last. Mirjam was an amazing tour guide and all the activities were a blast. I loved every single minute of it. We did and saw so many unique and beautiful things: of course the tulips and windmills, but also the Dutch countryside, architecture, and traditional Dutch culture. My absolute favorite thing we did and/or saw on this trip was...EVERYTHING! I can't narrow it down to just one thing!! My least favorite thing about this trip was that it ended and I had to come back home!! Thank you PQA for a trip of a lifetime, it was better than I ever dreamed it could be. I look forward to more trips with PQA in the future." — Amy Tilburg Welchez



APRIL 25 – May 3, 2020•  $5600

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THE NETHERLANDS: Tulips and king’s day
8 DAYS // APR 25-May 3, 2020


Accommodations based on double occupancy.

A single supplement is paid by participants who specifically request single accommodations, subject to availability.



Carlton Square Haarlem

7 nights




THE NETHERLANDS: Tulips and king’s day
8 DAYS // APR 25-May 3, 2020

Please note this is an all NEW itinerary with new and exciting locations from our previous trips.

April 25 - Depart USA

Leave the USA on your flights to Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS).

April 26 - Amsterdam Schiphol-Haarlem Tour

Arrive Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Transportation from the airport will be provided. Rooms won't be ready until about 2pm.

Depart for a casual walking tour to photograph the magnificent “Grote Markt,” often considered the most beautiful square in the Netherlands. We will have private access to the top of "Bavo Church" to photograph stunning views of Haarlem. Welcome dinner to taste a typical Dutch meal. (D)

April 27 - Amsterdam King’s Day

Depart early to photograph King’s Day in Amsterdam. King’s Day, or “Koningsdag,” is an ongoing festival throughout the entire nation, major cities or small towns. No place is left out as the Royal Family, being members of the House of Orange, visits as many of their beloved subjects as they can. However, this day is also about a people’s love for their ruling monarch.

April 28 - Kinderdijk-Rotterdam night shoot

In the afternoon, we will visit and photograph “Kinderdijk.” The 19 windmills at Kinderdijk are a symbol of the way the Netherlands manages its water. For a long period of time, they kept the land dry as it was plagued by subsidence and flooding - the Alblasserwaard, once a rough, wet area of peat, was eventually colonized and reclaimed by men.

Late afternoon, depart for Rotterdam to do a walking tour and night shoot of the city. Photograph the impressive cube houses designed by architect Piet Blom. The impressive skyline can be seen from afar, enhancing the city’s imposing appearance characterized by such landmarks as the Euromast observation tower and the swan-like curve of the Erasmus Bridge. Rotterdam is internationally renowned as a city of architecture, featuring many examples of innovative construction.


April 29 - Keukenhof Gardens - Delft

Depart early to photograph the Keukenhof Gardens for the second time. We will take a private boat tour to photograph the nearby flower fields. After lunch, it is optional to rent bikes and bike through the stunning flower fields. This afternoon, we will visit and photograph the lovely town of Delft. (B,D)

April 30 - Keukenhof Gardens - Flower Fields

Depart early to photograph the Keukenhof Gardens. Enjoy the morning in one of the most impressive public gardens in the world. Open only nine weeks out of the year, the Keukenhof is a visual feast for the eyes. There are more than seven million bulbs planted on over 70-acres. For the adventurous photographers, we will rent orange bikes for a few hours and bike through the stunning flower fields. This will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

After a typical Dutch lunch, we will visit and photograph a local Dutch farm and learn everything about bulbs and how the whole process works. We will photograph other flower fields in the area as well.

May 1 - Alkmaar Cheese Market - Zaansche Schans

Depart early morning for Alkmaar where cheese is still made in the time-honored way. The market is world famous for photographing the actual transportation weighing and trading, which takes place in a colorful setting. We will have press passes with special private access within the fence of the trading sessions, and will able to take portraits with the “cheese men," which is a very unique photo opportunity for our group.

After lunch, we will photograph “Zaansche Schans,” a reconstructed village of wooden houses and windmills, transporting us 300 years into the past. There are only 975 windmills left in all of The Netherlands, but in this place of unspoiled beauty you can photograph many of them. We will take a one hour boat tour to photograph the windmills in late afternoon light. (B)

May 2 - Aerial Flights- Amsterdam boat tour & night shoot

Depart to take aerial flights in Cessna single engine planes to photograph the flower fields. Everybody will get amazing photographs. In the afternoon, we will depart to Amsterdam (known as the Venice of the North) for a walking tour and private boat cruise through the famous canals. We'll see the beautiful homes that line the water, the fabled Skinny Bridge, and the famous Anne Frank House. We then enjoy a panoramic city tour to see the great landmarks of Amsterdam, including a photo stop at a windmill. We will do a night shoot of the canals and the lit bridges reflecting in the water before we head back to Haarlem. (B)

May 3 - Depart back to the USA

Early departure from Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS).

Itinerary is subject to change.

See some images from our last photography workshop here.


Quest Leaders

Quest Leaders

THE NETHERLANDS: Tulips and king’s day
8 DAYS // APR 25-May 3, 2020


Mirjam Evers

Mirjam Evers is a New York City based travel photographer who specializes in travel images, portraiture, landscape photography and adventure images. Born and raised in the Netherlands, Evers has photographed in more than 90 countries, including many of the most exotic places in the world. Evers' photographs are indicative of her unique capacity to personally connect with diverse cultures and communities. Her eye for location lighting is highly stylized and works to illustrate and heighten the unique characteristics of each international locale. She is able to transcend cultural and language barriers with an intangible spirit that is conveyed in every image. Evers is one of the founders of Photo Quest.

Selected Publications: AFAR, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Departures, Golf Magazine, AARP, Outdoor Photographer, Outside Magazine, PDN, American Photo, Popular Photography, Digital Photo, MSN Travel and Town & Country Magazine.

Mirjam's Website


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THE NETHERLANDS: Tulips and king’s day
8 DAYS // APR 25-May 3, 2020


Rotterdam, the Netherlands’ "second city," was bombed flat during WWII and spent the following decades rebuilding. You won’t find the classic Dutch medieval center here as it was swept away along with the other rubble and detritus of war. In its place is an architectural aesthetic that’s unique in Europe, a progressive perpetual-motion approach to construction that’s clearly a result of the city’s postwar, postmodern ‘anything goes’ philosophy. But tradition is strong elsewhere, for Rotterdam is Europe’s busiest port (and second in the world) – a lineage as a shipping nexus that dates back to 1572, when Spaniards being pursued by the rebel Sea Beggars were given shelter in the harbor. Rotterdam became a major port during the conflict, and it remains so to this day.

In the early 1980s, the city of Rotterdam asked the architect Piet Blom to design housing for a space located on top of a pedestrian bridge. He decided to go with a design familiar to him, the cube. His houses are perched on one corner on top of a hexagon-shaped pole structure with windows that angle skywards and others that angle down towards the street. The concept behind the cube houses is that each cube represents an abstract tree, turning the whole village (51 cubes) into a forest.


The Netherlands is a flatter than flat country most commonly associated with tulips, windmills, clogs and cheese. While such clichéd images of the Netherlands still hold true, Holland offers much more than the stereotypical national quirks. It's a small, vibrant nation that can be traversed in a few hours - but it begs a longer stay than that Amsterdam is the notorious capital, known for everything from its liberal approach to drugs and prostitution, to its network of canals, world-famous museums and historic architecture.

Visit the Holland tourism website for more information:



Dutch is the national language of the Netherlands. Most of the Dutch people speak English, as well as other languages like German and French.


Although Dutch people complain a lot about the weather in their country, it is actually not that bad. There are no real extremes, like excessive heat or cold, hurricanes or alike. That said, summers are relatively cool with average daytime temperatures around 20 °C. The best months to travel around the Netherlands are April to August, when days are long and apart from occasional showers, rainfall is lowest.


The Netherlands, like many other European countries, uses the Euro (€). Throughout the country, there are lots of ATMs using the CIRRUS and PLUS networks. Most shops, restaurants and hotels accept major credit cards with a small processing fee added.


Sample the national dish, Boerenkool met worst ("Borecole with sausage"), which consists of green cabbage, potatoes, bacon and smoked sausage. Dutch cheese, beer and dairy products are considered of the highest standard and will provide much joy to the connoisseur. 

Make sure you don't forget to try the special pancake restaurants, a real Dutch specialty. The delicious pancakes are large enough to be considered a whole dinner and you can choose from a great variety of toppings for your pancake. 

On the go, kroketten (filled croquets) bitterballen and frieten met pindasaus (French fries with peanut butter dip) are the most popular fast foods.



Visitors from many countries do not need a visa if they are planning to stay in the Netherlands for less than 3 months. A valid passport is enough.


In general, the Netherlands is a very safe country, and with the usual precautions you won't experience any problems.

Traffic wise, the Netherlands is one of the safest countries in the world. The country is known for its network of bicycle lanes, which greatly improves the safety for cyclists. Be careful crossing the streets making sure to look for cyclists that can be traveling fairly fast.


The voltage in Holland is 220 volts. Travelers are advised to bring an adapter for two-prong, round-prong plugs with side grounding contacts.


Quest Gear

Quest Gear

THE NETHERLANDS: Tulips and king’s day
8 DAYS // APR 25-May 3, 2020

Recommended gear

Computer / Digital Accessories

  • Laptop with charger and Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom or Photomechanic (not mandatory)

  • Storage device, such as portable hard drives like Lacie hard drives

  • Card reader

  • All cables for drives, computer, card readers, storage devices, etc.

  • Power converters/adapters for all international quests


  • Cover for camera (for shooting in the rain); Fotosharp makes simple, inexpensive covers

  • Lightweight tripod (carbon fiber)

  • Cable release (for night shots)

  • Small headlamp (flashlight)

  • Backpack (if you ride a bike on this trip)

  • Your camera's manual

Camera Gear

  • Digital SLR

  • Battery charger

  • Extra batteries

  • Memory cards (bring plenty)

  • Sensor cleaning supplies

  • Flash with plenty of batteries


  • 24-70 mm or 24-120mm lens for landscapes and cityscapes; also for portraits

  • 70-200mm lens

  • Polarizing filter(s)

  • Lens hoods for all lenses

  • Lint-free cloth to clean lenses and blower ball for dust

  • Lensbaby if you have one (or else you can try ours)




THE NETHERLANDS: Tulips and king’s day
8 DAYS // APR 25-May 3, 2020

Cost per person

$5600 based on double occupancy. Single supplement is an additional $1450.

PQA will try to match you with a roommate if you do not opt for a single supplement. However, if a roommate is not available, you will be charged the additional single supplement fee.

Limited to 10 participants.

Not included

  • International airfare to/from Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • Beverages during meals and alcoholic beverages

  • Personal expenses

  • Gratuities for your guides and drivers


  • Quest workshop fee

  • Airport transfer if you arrive on April 15th and depart on April 23rd

  • 7 nights in a five-star hotel (based on double occupancy)

  • Aerial flight

  • Bike rentals

  • Private boat tour in Amsterdam

  • Private boat tour at the Keukenjof gardens

  • Boat tour Zaansche schans

  • All park entrance fees

  • English speaking guides/drivers

  • All breakfasts, 2 lunches, 3 dinners

We highly recommend that you purchase travel insurance.



APRIL 25 – May 3, 2020•  $5600

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