Northern lights in Norway
8 DAYS // Feb 12-19, 2017


Join us deep in the Arctic Circle to take in the fairy-tale landscapes of Northern Norway. From the snow-topped mountains to the stunning fjords, lakes, and rustic villages – the images you’ll create on this workshop are sure to be the envy of your family and friends! At night we will chase the Northern Lights in the most beautiful part of Norway.

We will spend seven nights on the island of Vesterålen, located at the top of the Lofoten Islands, a location that provides a distinct advantage in terms of access and proximity to both the coast and a number of inland destinations. This is a big bonus for Aurora Chasers as we will have the upper hand against constantly changing weather conditions.

During the workshop, Quest Leader Gabriel Biderman’s night photography expertise will inspire and inform your own picture-making. The light this time of year is breathtaking:  the whole area is shrouded in a twilight color for the majority of the day. At the start of our trip, the moon will be a full moon so this will be the perfect for capturing landscapes with the foreground illuminated as well as dark skies and tons of stars! These ideal lunar conditions will cast beautiful light on the landscape during long exposures.

Daytime excursions include an Eagle Safari by boat, visits to a Reindeer Farm to photograph the Sami as well as a Husky Farm where we will have the chance to photograph all the work that goes into transforming Huskies into sled-dogs and participate in a private sledding safari, as we lead our own team of Huskies.

Join us for a breath-taking adventure rich with magical light and stunning photographic opportunities!



  • Maximize your chances of getting great photos of the Northern Lights in the most aurora-active location on the planet. We will go out every night to chase the lights for 4-5 hours or more. 
  • Participate in a Husky Sledding Safari:  join a thrilling adventure and lead your own team of huskies.  Before and after, create stunning portraits of the Huskies.
  • Take a trip to the west coast where we will board a small boat and sail out in search of the white-tailed eagle on a sea eagle safari


  • Photograph a traditional Sami reindeer farm. You will be met by a local Sami guides who will explain how the Sami work the reindeer farm using traditional methods.
  • Photograph the beautiful fishing village of Henningsvær, perched out on a few small islands held together by a handful of bridges. 
  • Visit Spaceship Aurora, based at Andøya Rocket Range,  an interactive education centre, where you will learn about the science of the Aurora Borealis. Be part of the science team on a simulated space journey and collect solar data.
  • No need to buy a parka and boots - we will provide your Arctic gear upon arrival.


  • Get tips from Gabriel Biderman to capture outstanding images of the aurora, arctic landscapes and winter wildlife.
  • Camera settings
  • Use of filters
  • How to photograph the Northern Lights and everything about night photography
  • Learn how to light paint and create star trails
  • Digital Workflow 
  • Portrait lighting techniques



FEB 12 - 19, 2017 • $6200

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