9 Days // August 17-26, 2017 



Largely inaccessible to the western world until recently, Mongolia offers a rare glimpse into an ancient culture that has changed little over the centuries. This adventure will put you in the center of a Private Eagle Festival – without the touristy crowds of the yearly festivities. Ceremonies, dance performances, a parade in the provincial capital’s city square, and a Kazakh play in honor of the hunters and their eagles are among the highlights of this unique Mongolian and Kazakh experience.

Photograph this vibrant and historical locale up close:  we will explore and photograph Mongolia’s hospitable Nomadic people, rich culture, vast grasslands in the central region, and the diverse terrain of the semi-arid Gobi Desert in the south. Photograph the Flaming Cliffs when orange sandstone glows at dawn and dusk. 




  • Capture once-in-a-lifetime images of the vast Gobi Desert and the stunning flaming cliffs during golden hour 
  • Photograph Throat Singers dressed in traditional costumes at the Three Camel Lodge
  • Visit and photograph a local school


  • Photograph Eagle Hunters and their eagles for at a Private Eagle Festival and special performance of Kazakh dance, song, and music. Capture exciting images as eagles fly from the cliff’s edge to chase bait dragged by their human hunting partners.




  • Capture the colorful action of Mongolia’s top athletes in the ancient sports of wrestling, archery and horse racing.
  • Practice your portrait photography when we visit the warm and inviting Nomadic families and local herders in their villages.