Malta & Sicily
June 28 - July 5, 2019

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Set within the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, the islands of Malta and Sicily are lush and historic. In Sicily, experience Greek ruins in rich valleys blanketed in scented oleander and juniper blossoms. In Malta, succumb to the allure of awe-inspiring megaliths, medieval towers and Baroque churches. These mythical islands feel like open-air museums. Allow your worries to slip away as you gaze out over shimmering azure waters and traverse jagged coastlines dotted with unspoiled beaches and hidden coves. Drive along rugged seascapes and stop to stroll through fresh fish markets along the way. Join PQA as we immerse ourselves in the splendor and history of these two islands!


  • View some of the best preserved Roman mosaics the Villa del Casale.
  • Enjoy a ride in a traditional Maltese boat to the famous Blue Grotto, where you'll see these beautiful sea caverns off the southern coast.
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  • Unravel history in Valetta, Malta's capital city founded in 1566. One of Europe’s smallest capital cities, Valletta is packed with sites of historical significance, with buildings dating back to the 16th century. So much so that it’s been an officially listed UNESCO World Heritage site since 1980.




  • Photograph the Maltese Festa: a religious event in Malta. Bands, processions, the ringing of church bells, firework displays and street parties are the focal point of these happy, religious celebrations.



JUNE 28 - JULY 5, 2019  •  $5800

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