the netherlands // apr 22 – may 1, 2008

photos by Kristine Bosworth

"The Netherlands photography workshop with PQA was extraordinary because the guides were locals—so they knew the ins and outs of all the places we were taken. They were wonderful, fun and exciting. The photo ops they led us to included: most beautiful of gardens — The Keukenhof— before it was open to the public, special access inside the cheese market and a flight over the multicolored tulip fields in full bloom. Aside from the great photos ops, our guides provided a history lesson throughout the workshop. It was a trip of a life time! I am a photographer for a major camera manufacturer and would choose to travel with this team every chance I could.”





photos by Langdon Cooper

"We have known the PhotoQuest Adventures team for so long I can hardly remember -- perhaps 15 years. We have traveled with PQA all over the world: Japan, Patagonia, Chile (Easter Island and Atacama Desert), Kenya, The Netherlands, India, Cuba, Czech Republic, Hungary, New Zealand, and a ton of places in the US, including Hawaii and Alaska.

In every case, on every trip, everything was perfect -- they have all the details taken care of -- all we have to do is show up and take our photographs. PQA is so organized. We are in the right place at the right time of day -- weather is pretty much the only risk.

The people on PQA trips are frequently repeat travelers, and over the years we have met folks with whom we have become the best of friends. The evenings (and the days for that matter) are social and friendly if you want, or you can go to bed or explore on your own, there is never any pressure. Taking a non-photographer on the trip is an option as well -- there is so much to see and do -- and that person might even learn a little about photography along the way!"




photos by Mirjam Evers




photos by Catherine Jackson

"I enjoyed the opportunity to join PQA on the Netherlands 2008 trip. This was my first photography trip and as a novice, I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive. I was concerned that the classes and conversations would be above my head and that the other travelers and the leaders would be impatient with my lack of experience. I could not have been more wrong!

Our leader's energy and enthusiasm for teaching shines brightly with all levels of study. He seems just as excited about teaching advanced skills to experienced photographers as he does introducing basic skills to those new to his world. His sincere desire to share his wealth of knowledge so very generously is readily apparent and his energy is positively infectious. I came home with some beautiful images I am truly proud of. We were fortunate to have a representative from Nikon along with us who was also eager and willing to spend time showing me the ropes. A representative from Lowepro traveled with us as well and was as quick to offer the right solutions to those with questions, as he was eager to get feedback on our experience with the Lowepro camera bags each of us was given. I felt we were truly fortunate to have these industry experts to support our group and felt it was a strong reflection on the professionalism of the PQA directors.

The schedule was jam-packed with a wide variety of adventures and opportunities that, without her connections and passion, would never have materialized. From visits to historic sites and quaint villages to riding bikes through the Tulip fields and flights over them, her itinerary was perfect. We saw the Netherlands by foot, by bus, by train, by boats, airplanes and bicycles. We had access to places not usually available to the public. We were introduced to the local culture, sights, history, food and drink. This would have been a great tour even for the non-photographer.”




photos by Mary Ellen Luning




photos by Vicki Smith




photos by Carl Volpe


Dan Bigos


testimonial by Dan Bigos, National Sales Manager, Lowepro

“The PQA photo workshop in The Netherlands in 2008 was a trip of a lifetime. Not only did I have a complete blast learning from Mirjam Evers, as well as, so much from all the other folks. There was a lot of thought and planning put into every detail. What really made the difference was all of the ‘behind the scenes’ or ‘VIP’ access we enjoyed. 

Every day there was something that the average tourist, or for that matter, even an average citizen of the Netherlands would not have been able to do. From two mornings of private early access to the Keukenhof Gardens, small airplane flights with pilots not overly concerned about minimum height requirements, to being inside the ropes at the Alkmaar cheese auction, we had close up action like a Pro photographer would have. All things you can’t buy... and can only do if you have the relationships and reputation that PQA has out there in the world. 

The PQA staff was highly organized, diligent in getting as many shoots in as possible, super enthusiastic while also adaptable making the trip highly memorable. Based on this experience alone, I recommendPQA to anyone and everyone.”


Ruth Marlin


testimonial by Ruth Marlin, Miami

“I was lucky enough to join PQA on the Netherlands trip in 2008. To say this trip exceeded my wildest expectations is an understatement. I could not believe the access we were afforded for our photo shoots. Being part of the PQA group allowed us into areas not available to the public and it shows in the photos. Before leaving for the trip, I was concerned that I was not as experienced as most of their photographers and that I would be intimidated by the skill level of the group. Instead, I found that not only were the quest leaders willing to work with me, but the other participants were more than willing to share their tips and techniques. I can say without question that I took the best pictures of my life on that trip! But is was so much more than that, the camaraderie was fantastic, I made new friends and we still keep in touch. I have been bragging about that trip to all of my friends ever since. I can’t wait for my next PQA Adventure!”




testimonial by Karen, South Carolina

"The photography workshop in the Netherlands was a very special trip and I feel honored to have been one of the Questers. I will tout the workshop to everyone I meet and tell all potential Questers that PQA is a super organization whose mission is to design a travel photography workshop experience that literally nobody is doing! NOBODY!!!”