Morocco // Mar 18 – 29, 2015

photos by Bryan Busovicki

"From hot air balloons soaring above the ancient pagodas of Bagan in Myanmar at sunrise to a cheetah with her cubs in the golden morning light of the Masai Mara in Africa, PQA's global quests have provided us with some of our most memorable travel photo opportunities in recent memory.  PQA's unique offering of exotic locations has allowed us to visit other locations that would normally be difficult to visit on our own such as Morocco, Papua New Guinea, Cuba, Patagonia, Easter Island, and the Atacama Desert.  Their small group workshop format of 10-12 photographers per trip allows more time and meaningful interaction with pro photographer mentors as well as with authentic models during planned and impromptu portrait sessions.  PQA's well planned itineraries and relationships with the best local guides ensures that trips run safe and efficiently and that no sight is left unseen.  We highly recommend that your next photo trip be with PQA!"



MOROCCO // MAR 18 – 29, 2015

photos by Nancy Notaro



MOROCCO // MAR 18 – 29, 2015

photos by Amy Shanle



MOROCCO // MAR 18 – 29, 2015

photos by Amelia Trevitt

"PQA has given me some incredible experiences. It's a unique company that brings together like minded people from all over the world. People who love to view the world through a different lens and experience diverse cultures and landscapes. I travel by myself, I always feel welcome in every PQA group and I learn so much from Mirjam, Najat and the guest photographers. I can't wait for my next PQA adventure!"



MOROCCO // MAR 18 – 29, 2015

photos by Dave Weathers

"What is there to say about Mirjam, Najat, and PhotoQuest Adventures that has not already been said? I have been traveling with them for close to 15 years and they are simply amazing. They enable the photographer to focus on one thing, getting the shot. The people that book their adventures are all types and levels of expertise, but all share a common thread of loving photography. What other tours do you get up before sunrise to capture the light and people are excited?

Mirjam and Najat make the trip educational, easy, and most of all fun. I have done trips with other organizers, whom I have loved as photographers, but they do not always focus on the logistics like PQA does, and this is very important in the jungles of Africa or the outer reaches of Mongolia. Guides and accommodations are first rate all the way and trips are always filled with great photo and stories to take back home. Can't wait until my next trip."



MOROCCO // MAR 18 – 29, 2015

photos by Amy Harris



MOROCCO // MAR 18 – 29, 2015

testimonial by Langdon Cooper & Karen Kelley

"We have traveled with PQA since the inception of the company and we have always found the trips to be fantastic. The trips are planned meticulously and the photo opportunities are really special. Whether you like to photograph people, animals, landscapes or urban settings, you will be pleased with the locations and first rate guides on the trip. Mirjam and Najat also make the trips enjoyable because of their winning personalities. You will enjoy the camaraderie and laughter nearly as much as the photography. Mirjam and Najat have many repeat customers and you will enjoy the intimate groups and you will meet many new friends from all over the world.

There are also unusual and often moving cultural interactions on the photo adventures and PQA is dedicated to helping the less fortunate in different areas of the world. In short, there is no group with whom we would rather ride camels to view and photograph a beautiful red Sahara sunset. Truly an adventure that we will never forget!"