Cuba // Nov 12 – 19, 2012

photos by David Altschul



CUBA // NOV 12 – 19, 2012

photos by Chris Evans



CUBA // NOV 12 – 19, 2012

photos by Leslie Evans

"My husband, the photographer, has traveled with PQA many times over the years. It was only this fall that we were finally in a position where I could accompany him on one of these trips. "I'm not a photographer," I told everyone at the start of the trip. "I'm just here to see Cuba."

I've had the good fortune to travel to many spots around the world, and I must say the PQA trip to Cuba was one of the most memorable of my life. Some of the credit has to go to the country itself, but I don't know if I would have been fully able to appreciate the wonder of Cuba without the expert guidance of the PQA staff and guides. We were introduced to the real Cuba, we got to meet and chat with many of the local residents, and, of course, we were taken to some of the most colorful, rich, and beautiful spots on the island at the perfect time of day to take pictures.

We've been back six days now and even though I only brought a camera phone on the trip and swore I wasn't a photographer, already I'm starting to discern whether or not the light is "right" for me or whether I've got the right shot. I've been bitten by the photo bug! Thank you PQA for your loving and expert guidance. It was a trip I'll never forget."



CUBA // NOV 12 – 19, 2012

photos by Mirjam Evers



CUBA // NOV 12 – 19, 2012

photos by Michael Zbiegien