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DEC 30, 2019 - JAN 11, 2020 • $6200

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DECEMBER 30, 2019 - JANUARY 11, 2020


West Africa: Voodoo Festival December 30, 2019-January 11, 2020

Join this magical PhotoQuest to the spiritual heart of West Africa, where myth, religion and reality intertwine to create an intoxicating blend of extraordinary images. Stretching from the dusty borderlands of the north to the tropical coast in the south, Ghana, Togo and Benin encapsulate all that is special about West Africa, with great scenery and exuberant people who will make you feel welcome from the moment you arrive. Photograph the unique and colorful Winneba Masquerade Festival in Ghana and travel to the heart of the Ashanti kingdom in Kumasi.

From Accra we cross first into the capital Lome in Togo where we visit its bizarre fetish market, and then head to Ouidah in Benin. Here find yourself mesmerized by the most incredible cultural experiences, the annual Voodoo festival, where people perform unique rituals and ceremonies in devotion to ancient gods, warrior dance performances, pouring of libations with people falling into trance.  From the elaborately costumed Zangbetos, to the followers of Kokou, renowned for injuring themselves as a way to reach the divine to various Egungun who are possessed by the spirits of dead ancestors.  Discover the soul of West Africa.    

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