6 DAYS // AUG 17 - 22, 2018


The weather is coastal which means rain can be likely so bring a raincoat, although we do experience periods of sunshine. Expect temperatures in the 50’s and 60’s (F), and sudden changes, including wind, are common. Bring layered clothing.


Because you will be transported by small plane, we ask that you limit your gear as close to 50 pounds per person as possible. 


Is there a chance the arrival or departure will be delayed by weather? 

Because we use chartered small aircraft for transporting you, there is always a chance that bad weather may pre-empt a flight, but it’s unusual and delays are often only a portion of one day. For this reason, in addition to the possibility of a domino affect on your travel plans after leaving SSCL, we strongly encourage trip insurance. In the event weather forces an extra night at SSCL, we charge $100 per person for room and board, and often this will include guided local activities.


Yes. For daily bear viewing/photography in the local area, most people get by fine with knee boots, which the lodge has a large supply of. Some people, especially photographers, prefer hip or even chest waders. The nearby meadows and tidal flats can be marshy and wet. Boat activities require hip waders, and while the lodge has some in stock, many guests prefer bringing their own. It is best to contact us a short time before arriving in order to know if a correct size is available for you. We are limited in knee and hip boots of size 13 or larger. Hip boots can be purchased at any sporting goods store in Anchorage.